The annual volunteer Reforest Northern Kentucky event will take place March 25th from 9:30
a.m. until 12:30 p.m. in Boone County at the former Piner Property which is now owned by Big
Bone Lick State Park. The Reforest NKY event site is situated north of Big Bone Lick State Park,
3380 Beaver Road, Union, Kentucky. Parking will be located within Big Bone Lick State Park
and volunteers will be shuttled to the planting area. To commemorate the Reforest NKY 10th
anniversary, volunteers are encouraged to wear their favorite Reforest NKY t-shirt from the past
planting events. If this is your first Reforest NKY event, or you would like a new t-shirt, a limited
number of Reforest NKY t-shirts will be offered for pre-sale during registration (online only). In
honor of the 10th anniversary FREE reusable tote bags will be offered to volunteers with their
FREE take-home tree.

Reforest NKY is organized by the NKY Urban and Community Forestry Council to restore
native Kentucky woodlands. The reforestation project is responsible for planting thousands of
tree seedlings on previously mowed properties in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties. This
event is an opportunity for public education and awareness about the importance of trees in our

By planting trees, our forest landscape and legacy is restored. Trees and forests provide significant,
measurable benefits to our communities, improving the environment, economy, and our quality of
life. Over the last ten years, more than 35 acres of previously mowed land has been planted with
native woodland trees and nearly 2,500 volunteers have participated in Reforest Northern

Registration is open now! For more information on the Reforest NKY event and to
register please follow the link or visit the NKY Urban and Community Forestry Council’s website at:

For further information, contact Tara Sturgill at (859) 409-0791 or

Register for Reforest Northern Kentucky 2017